BOXMORE BLOX | modular loudspeaker system
radically different | think modular
less components
more possibilities 
maximum result

A novel loudspeaker eco-system that is unique in it’s application, opening a new era for professional installers and audiophiles around the world. Each individual part has been thoroughly engineered and tested in our facility in Mill, Netherlands. Due to the modular concept, the added value of the system as a whole far exceeds the sum of its parts.

BLOX offers the professional installer extremely powerfull tools to create individual sound solutions with perfect physical and acoustical integration: an almost endless amount of possible combinations with just a few carefully engineerd components. Create the best possible sound system for every budget, for every car. 

BOXMORE BLOX Specialist Tweeters

Finding the balance between detailed high frequency response without sharp edges. Compact design without affecting performance.
The 20 mm silk dome provides e
xcellent directivity while extending the lower frequency response well into the midrange, thanks to the aluminium resonant chamber. The small diaphragm makes this the perfect tweeter to install behind OEM grilles, allowing placement close to the grille and avoiding diffraction. 


The patented design of our 100 mm driver is unique in more ways than one. A powerfull push-pull neodym magnet system allows for an exceptionally low overal height and low distortion. Designed as a crossover between a midrange and midwoofer, it’s perfectly suited to be used in cars with a 3-way front speaker system.

Regardless if you have a BMW, Mercedes, Porsche,Tesla, Mini, Volvo, Landrover, Ferrari or one of the other compatible car models, simply combine the BLOX M100 with the applicable adapter rings (sold seperately) to make it perfectly fit your car.

Connect our BLOX 100 speakers using the patent pending modular inserts and make it plug & play for various car brands and models. But above all, enjoy the unrivaled natural sound of these incredible speakers. 


Combine BLOX speakers with the perfect-fit UNIX subwoofers for BMW & Mini. Choose the 4 Ohm version for highly accurate bass performance, or pick the 2 Ohm version for more dynamics and punch.